A playful twist on an urban mystery, the global phenomenon of shoe tossing is commonly known as SHOEFITI and theories about its meaning and origin range from simple to sinister. Deepa’s dangling LED trainers shine a light on this curious act of urban rebellion.

 *Image courtesy of Matthew Andrews taken at South Bailey, Durham.

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  • Will you work out how to make your UNEXPECTED CONNECTION?

  • Play in the LED tunnel to see how you can change the speed and rhythm of the lights.

  • Be one of the first in the UK to play with this incredible interactive tunnel of fun.

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WAVE consists of some five hundred individual suspended orbs, points brought to life through light and sound, that collectively create a dynamic audiovisual experience. The work continues Squidsoup’s ongoing explorations and obsession with elemental themes, particularly water. Each orb in WAVE features LED lights, speaker and microcomputer, with movement sensor and wireless connectivity. Together they create a walkthrough experience; 500 points of light, 500 voices, interconnected using Internet of Things technology and acting in choreographed harmony to create a series of immersive environments – a sanctuary in this crazy world.