The light up Leicester Programme

3-6 March
Luminous Night Gardens By The Lantern Company Jubilee Square

Experience a glowing wild garden in the heart of the city, as Jubilee Square is transformed into an illuminated world of flora and fauna. The relationship between wild spaces and urban city life is played with, creating a space for quiet reflection and a gathering place to celebrate the beautiful and wild.
Twitter: @LanternCompany
Instagram: @thelanterncompany

PULSE By This is Loop Highcross, St Peter’ Square

Pulse is a large-scale experiment in light and sound. Pulses of light are tightly synced and choreographed with a soundtrack that can be felt as well as heard. A huge tunnel of rings form a large scale immersive audio visual installation walkway, exploring the perspectives of visual and auditory perception. A truly immersive experience.

SHOEFITI By Deepa Mann-Kler Silver Street

A playful twist on an urban mystery, the global phenomenon of shoe tossing is commonly known as ‘Shoefiti’ and theories about its meaning and origin range from simple to sinister. Deepa’s dangling LED trainers shine a light on this curious act of urban rebellion. Look up and share in the wonder of the unexpected.

DISTANT DRUMS By Whispered Tales Green Dragon Square

Experience the story of Reggae Sound System culture and discover its role in the fight for racial equality. A handcrafted bespoke sound system stands proudly on a statue plinth. As the speakers power up, digital screens appear within the stack and through animated films transport the audience from the Blues parties in Highfields to the lyrical dexterity of the legendary sound clashes. Distant Drums is a dynamic and thought-provoking digital art installation that tells the story of Reggae Sound System culture and its role in the fight for racial equality. MC'd by the Reggae legend Solo Banton, with a distinctive Dub soundtrack by Vibronics.
Twitter: @whisperedtales1
Instagram: @whisperedtales

PYROPHONES By Mark Anderson Town Hall Square

The pyrophones are a sound and fire installation using high-pressure gas, to create balls of fire, smoke rings of exquisite beauty, and a percussive sound that has audiences applauding after ‘songs’ and dancing to the beat. They create sonic rhythms, with balls of fire rising into the air, sometimes subtle and dramatic, at other times fast and furious and frenetic. This phenomenal touring work has been shown at festivals all over the country, and we’re delighted to see Light Up Leicester added to the list.

The Mycelium Network By LuminARTi St George's Churchyard (Rutland Street)

Inspired by mycelium, which is the vegetative part of fungus and consists of a network of fine white filaments which break down and absorb organic matter into nutrients. This installation explores a visual representation of this process, by sending signals of light to each of the suspended pods, creating bouncing trails of light and colour through the network to illuminate the environment. The piece brings awareness of this great ecosystem that helps manage the nutrients in the soil to create a rich and fertile planet.

FANTASTIC PLANET By Parer Studio Orton Square

Three giant illuminated figures have invaded Orton Square. They have just landed, and are quietly, gently exploring our ‘fantastic planet’. Inspiration for this light installation has been taken from the 1973 Czech/French film Fantastic Planet (French: La Planète Sauvage). This stop motion science fiction film directed by René Laloux depicted a story set in an unimaginably distant future in a world of gargantuan humanoids and where human beings are a feral race. Instagram: @parerstudio

LUMINOSI TREES By Sound Intervention Humberstone Gate

Like giant illuminated pulsing jellyfish, Luminosi Trees are six metre high metal structures with thousands of globe lights. By day they’re an elegant pale green and white in a classic Art Deco style. At night they transform with moving patterns of light synchronised to a surround-soundscape. They respond to wind, which changes the sound and light they emit, creating a grove of light trees inspired by nature.
Twitter: @soundinterventn
Instagram: @soundinterventn

OUR BEATING HEART By Studio Vertigo The Clock Tower (East Gate)

Our Beating Heart bathes the Clock Tower with the glittering, revolving light of a huge heart shaped mirror ball. An unexpected sight to behold, a mirror ball on a grand scale in the shape of a heart reflects light in fantastical, swirling and changing patterns. For Light Up Leicester, Our Beating Heart will slowly rotate on a vertical axis, creating a visual spectacle of thousands of spots of light moving across Leicester’s iconic Clock Tower.
Facebook: wearestudiovertigo
Instagram: @studio_vertigo

Image by Damien Whooten

To follow the trail, download the light up leicester map